Storage tanks without internal tank UKV



We produce steel storage tanks for water in the UKV series 300 and 500. Accumulation tanks UKV can be used as a common tank for heating water or can be connected to the heat pump to ensure its smooth operation.
The tank is supplied with non-detachable polyurethan insulation.

Technical data

Typ  UKV 300 UKV 500
Tank capacity (l)  316 470
Tank diameter [mm] 650 700
Tank height [mm] 1 580 1 937
Max. operating pressure in the tank (MPa)   0,6  0,6 
Min. heating water temperature (°C)  5 5
Max. heating water temperature (°C)    90  90 
Static loss [W] 79 96


     NIBE UKV 300      NIBE UKV 500


  • Installation Manual UKV

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