With heating element



  • Series of enamelled indirect heaters designed to be placed on the floor with volumes between 100–125 litres with enamelled vessel and one high performance heat exchanger for heating of hot water from external sources or combination of different sources. The water heater is equipped with hot water temperature regulation system (thermostat controlling the three-way valve or circulation pump) for the voltage 230 V/50 Hz, circulation outlet and safety valve.
  • In the lower part of the water heater is a flanged manhole used to clean the inside of the vessel fitted with the auxilliary electric heating.

Main use

  • Year-round operation in combination with the gas boiler for priority connection into hot water heating or combined operation using heating water or electric power.


OKCE 100 NTR/2,2kW

Cut of OKC 100 NTR


Stationary 0.6 MPa – embedded heating element into flange 2.2 kW
OKCE 100 NTR/2,2kW, OKCE 125 NTR/2,2kW

Technical data

TypeOKCE 100 NTR/2,2 kWOKCE 125 NTR/2,2 kW
Volume [l] 85 110
Max. weight of the heater without water [kg] 58 70
Heater height [mm] 902 1 067
Heater diameter [mm] 524 524
Max. operating overpressure in the tank [MPa] 0.6
Max. operating overpressure in the exchanger [MPa] 1
Max. temperature of HSW [°C] 90
Max. operating temperature in the exchanger [°C] 110
Exchanger heat transfer surface [m2] 1.08 1.45
Output of exchanger at heating water temperature of 80 °C and flow 720 l/h [kW] 24 32
Time of heating by exchanger from 10 °C to 60 °C [min] 13 12
Time of heating by electricity from 10 °C to 60 °C [hrs] 2.3 3
Input [W]  2 200 
El. connection  1 PE - N 230 V/50 Hz
Electric protection IP 42 IP 42
Static loss [W]  42 54

HSW – Hot water



OKC 100 NTR, OKC 125 NTR, OKC 160 NTR
OKC 200 NTR, OKC 250 NTR, OKC 200 NTRR, OKC 250 NTRR

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