Stationary 1 MPa


Stacionary 1 MPa heater

  • Electric storage water designed for installation of heating units andfor placing on the floor with volumes of 300–1000 litres. The heater is supplied as a separate storage reservoir without electroinstallation. The temperature range of heating is 5–74 °C. Different electric heating flange units of the R and SE series from the accessories section may be selected for electric heating. Water heaters of the volume 400 l and 500 l are insulated with hard polyurethane foam with the thickness of 50 mm and provided with white painted plastic case. Water heaters of the volume 750 l and 1000 l are insulated with soft polyurethane foam (foam rubber) with the thickness of 80 mm which is supplied separately together with the reservoir.

Main application

  • Heating of hot service water in premises with the possibility to use low tariffs of electric supply (night tariff).


  • Safety valve


OKCE 400 S, OKCE 500 S

Cut of OKCE 400

OKCE 750 S, OKCE 1000 S

Cut of OKCE 750


Stationary 1 MPa
OKCE 300 S, OKCE 400 S, OKCE 500 S, OKCE 750 S, OKCE 1000 S



Technical data

TypeOKCE 300 SOKCE 400 SOKCE 500 SOKCE 750 SOKCE 1000 S
Volume [l] 314 395 455 750 1000
Weight [kg] 80 97 106 175 225
Max. operating overpressure in the tank [MPa] 1
Max. warm water temperature [°C] 90
Heating period from 10 °C to 60 °C Based on selected power input of the built-in unit
Load profile XL XXL XXL XXL XXL
Daily electricity consumption [kWh] 20.09 25.6 25.58 29,08 28,46
Mixed water V40 [l] 419.08 521.89 640.08 731,89 969,46



OKCE 400 S

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