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Operating position – horizontal

  • The combined storage water heater with horizontal operating position designed for premisses with the lack of space with volumes between 125–200 litres. The water heater may be fixed on the wall using the supplied brackets or fitted in horizontal position on adequate construction. It is always necessary to count with the lack of space above and below the water heater for fitting of the supply pipeline.

Heating options

  • Electric power. Ceramic heating element controlled by the operating thermostat and secured by the safety thermostat (thermal fuse).The thermal range is 5–74 °C. Connection voltage is 1-PE-N/AC 230 V/50 Hz.
  • Exchanger. The water heater may be connected to an external hot water source with the max. temperature of 110 °C and pressure of 0.4 MPa . Heating is assured by a high performance two-shell exchanger by layers of hot water. The exchanger warms water in the upper part of the vessel and then in the lower layers of the vessel. This method of continuous heating is appropriate for self-circulation central heating systems and small self-circulation solar systems.The heat exchanger works both in forced circulation mode and in self-circulation system. The heating water regulation sensor may be inserted into the common receiver with electric installation sensors.

Most common use

  • Preparation of hot utility water for premisses with hot water central heating using gas and solid fuels during a winter season.
  • Electric heating off the heating period is enabled with the possibility to use the low tariff of electric supply (night tariff).


  • Safety valve

Optional equipment

  • Circulation input
  • Two and three-phase connection 400 V/50 Hz
  • The heating element with higher power output, max. 4 kW (OKCV 200 only)


Cut of OKCV


OKCV 125, OKCV 160, OKCV 200

Technical data

TypeOKCV 125OKCV 160OKCV 200
Volume [l] 125 152 200
Max. operating overpressure in the tank [MPa] 0.6 0.6 0.6
Max. operating overpressure in the exchanger [MPa]  0.4 0.4 0.4
El. connection [V]

 1 PE-N 230 V/50 Hz

Input [W] 2 200 2 200 2 200
El. protection IP 42 IP 42 IP 42
Heater length [mm] 1 067 1 255 1 287
Heater diameter [mm] 524 524 584
Max. weight of the heater without water [kg] 63 69 85
Time of el. heating from 10 °C to 60 °C [hrs] 3.3 4 5.3
Load profile  L L XL
Daily electricity consumption [kWh]  11.98  12.43  19.88
Mixed water V40 [l]  195.75  244.59 301.93
Exchanger heat transfer surface [m2] 0.7 0.7 0.75
Rated thermal output at heating water temperature of 80 °C and flow 310 l/h [W] 10 260 10 260 11 000
Time of heating by exchanger from 10 °C to 60 °C [min] 43 53 72
Rated thermal output at heating water temperature of 80 °C and flow 720 l/h [W] 16 800 16 800 18 000
Time of heating by exchanger from 10 °C to 60 °C [min] 26 35 43


OKCV 125. OKCV 160 - levé provedení (left design)
OKCV 200 - pravé provedení (right design)
OKCV 125, OKCV 160 - pravé provedení (right design)
OKCV 200 - levé provedení (left design)

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