Titanium anode CORREX MP


Any enamel receptacle for the preparation of hot water contains a magnesium anode that dissolves.  Its life is approximately two years.  After that time it needs to be replaced which is not possible without draining the heater and dismantling the flange. A welcome alternative is a maintenance-free titanium anode.

The titanium anode CORREX MP with an external power source is applicable to all enamelled receptacles with a capacity of 300 litres.  For continuous 24 hour protection it is necessary to connect the anode outside the voltage supply for the heater (reduced HDO tariff), e.g. directly into an outlet.  The anode has very low power consumption.  After the connection to a power source the titanium anode CORREX MP can be used for the lifetime of the heater.

Technical data


Mini potentiostat CORREX MP
Function Potentiostat with a plug for anti-corrosion cathode protection of electrical enamelled water tanks (intermittent potentiostat with controlled regulation of protective current potential) with integrated red/green LED signal system.
Mains power supply



Power input:

230 V + 10%

50/60 Hz



Rated current (secondary):

Supply voltage (secondary):

50 mA

max. 10 V při 50 mA

Display Two LEDs, 5 mm diameter

Green: followed by supply with protective current

red: failure

neither is on: no power supply

Operation Temperature range (Potentiostat):

0.... 40 °C

(operation in enclosed areas)

Titanium electrode CORREX
Function Supply and referential electrode with a coating of noble metal oxides; supply with protective current without wear; referential electrode to measure the actual potential in the tank.
Bolt with thread M8 x 30
Dimensions of electrode in the section filled with water (Basic MP version)



Coating length:

    2 mm

200 mm

100 mm



The anode supplied by our company is only the one described in section 6.1 of the attached manual!



Titanová anoda CORREX MP s napájením

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