Ribbed tubular heat exchanger


RWT 1 water-water type heat exchanger is designed for building into the water heater OKC 300–500 NTR(NTRR)/BP and OKCE 400–500 S. The electric water heater OKCE 400–1000 S may be rebuilt to exchanger water heater. The exchanger is fitted to the flanged hole of the heater.


  • It is used as a second heat exchanger for heating all volume of the heater or increasing of output of fixed built-in exchangers in the heater.


Řez vestavěným žebrovým trubkovým výměníkem tepla


Embedded ribbed tubular heat exchanger RWT series (only for volume 300/400/500 liters/1MPa)Embedded ribbed tubular heat exchanger RWT series
RWT 1–110D

Technical data

TypeRWT 1–110D
Overall dimensions (ø x length (±10 mm)) ø186 x 490
Installation length (± 10 mm) 370
Installation diameter (± 10 mm) 140
Weight [kg] 10
Screw connection G3/4"
Spacing outlets [mm] 60
Heating surface [m2] 1,1
Volume exchanger [l] 0,8
Maximum operating temperature / overpressure in the exchanger C / bar] 95 / 10
Pressure loss in the exchanger at a flow rate 780 l / h [mbar] 200
Performance exchanger at a flow rate of 780 l of 80 ° C the heating water and domestic water heating from 10 ° C to 60 ° C [kW] 14,5


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