Advantage of water heaters

One of the main advantages of our water heaters in addition to top quality production, use of quality materials in production and thorough checks during the process is the unique system of heating elements.

The electric element is not submersible but ceramic, dry, placed into a steel chamber. Because both the chamber and the body of the water heater (heaters vessel)are made of one type of material (steel), there is no formation of galvanic cell and electrolytic corrosion. Other manufacturers mostly use submersible heating elements made of other types of materials (copper, stainless steel) and therefore these products are subject to electrolytic corrosion. (electrochemical corrosion)

The system of ceramic elements is extraordinarily resistant to hard and corrosive water and it significantly extends the service life of the reservoir under all conditions.

Access into the inner space of the reservoir is enabled through the cleaning openings which also enables removal of sediments and water scale thus reducing operation costs.

The magnesium anode used as the auxilliary protection against corrosion also extends the service life of the reservoir thus improving the already high utility value, which you acquire by purchasing the water heater made by the DZ Drazice company.

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