Characteristics of water heater with heat pump

AQUA HP is a water heater with heat pump for hot water preparation from the ambient air. 

Design of water heater with heat pump

The unit consists of an enamelled steel tank for hot water, an air-water heat pump and an auxiliary electrical heating element.  The heat pump is located on top of the heater tank, and its cover is fitted with inlet and outlet vents for air circulation onto which ductwork can be installed optionally for the desired mode of operation.  The electrical heating element designed for hygienic protection and rapid heating of the tank, and is located approximately in the middle of the tank.  On the front side of the heater there is a display of the appliance controller and on the front side inside the tank a magnesium anode is installed to protect it.

The water heater with heat pump is supplied with accessories, such as plastic transition fittings for water inlet and outlet of the heater, plug on circular outlet and hoses to drain condensate from the heat pump.


Components AQUA HP




The cooling circuit in the upper part AQUA HP




Technical parameters

Typ bojleruAQUA HP 250
Hot water volumey [l] 250
Weight without water [kg] 83
Material of upper part Stainless steel
Tank shell material Steel sheet
Insulation Polyurethane foam 50 mm
Mg anode 1"
Maximum service temperature [°C] 80
Maximum service pressure [bar] 7
Test pressure [bar] 10
Heat loss [kWh/24h] 0,99
IP Protection IPx1
Supply voltage 1/N/PE ~ 230V/50Hz
Input (medium / maximum) [W] 400 / 700
Output of the electrical heating element [W] 1500
Heat pump output [W] 1800
Fan input [W] 65
Maximum service current [A] 3,2 + 6,8 (with backup electrical heating)
Recommended breaker 16A (sensitivity 30 mA)
Max temperature of hot water for heat pump [°C] 55
Max temperature of hot water for heating element [°C] 65
Coolant / kg] R 134a / 1,2
Load profile L
COP * 3,24
Heating time * [HH:mm] 6:48
Volume of usable water 40 °C * [l] 314
Energy efficiency class * A+
Energy efficiency * [%] 138
Annual energy consumption * [kWh . a-1] 741
Ambient temperature limit values [°C] -5 / 40
Acoustic pressure level [dB(A)] 57
Airflow [m3/h] 450
Maximum length of air technical manifold [m] 10

* A20/W10-54, according to EN16147 and applicable regulation No. 812/2013


LLR 160-5,5 kW ReveL-DZD

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