We gained the Annual Plumbing Recognition from Building Fairs Brno

Tým DZ DražiceWe greatly appreciate the award we have received on the 25th of April as a part of the launching of the prestigious building event - Building Fairs Brno, covering all areas of construction and technical equipment of buildings. During the festive evening, we were awarded the Annual Plumbing Recognition 2018, which is intended for companies, institutions and individuals for plumbing innovations in the Czech Republic.

The Commission elected by the Presidium of the Guild of Heating and Plumbers (CTI) has appreciated the innovative solutions we use to develop the DZD water heaters and their accessories. Our thanks are not only to CTI but also to our customers, without whose recognition we would have never become the largest producer of water heaters in the Czech Republic!

handover of the award
Our team of development experts

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